We make the website Pick My Resume to challenge the customs of presenting the resume with black and white words on a plain paper. Pick My Resume give you a Web Resume that is a collection of images, documents, experience, content about you, awards, portfolio and many more that will solidify your online presence constant. We desire to make a world record by developing 1,00,000 Web Resumes and also give you a chance to become the part of it by developing a Web Resume.

Pick My Resume is the first in India that has brought the service of developing a Web Resume with visual effects. This is for the people of all the fields like students, professional of IT sectors or businessmen. Anyone can use this to promote themselves regarding their work experience, their business brand or present a portfolio, a student can present his or her CV with a visual look that will leave a long lasting impression on the person taking your interview. We wish people to be present online always in the form of Web Resume.