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Chat option


Generally Recruiters cant chat with the candidate while visiting the resume here we are providing Chat Option to recruiters/Employers by which they can easily screened them. It is feasible to everyone either they are recruiters or other candidates.

Theme colour changer option

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Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 5.19.02 PM

As per our old tradition we used black and white resume we cant design according to our choice not even we can add different themes to our resume but here we are providing theme option to change the theme of your resume and design it according to our choice.

Visitor Tracker


Generally we didnt know who have seen our resume or who have commented on that Here we are providing you Visitor tracker option to track the visitor who visit your Web Resume.

Download CV


While visiting website, the recruiter can’t find the resume, they have to search on job portal to download the CV, here we are providing download CV option by which recruiter can easily download the CV.

Web Identity


Everybody has a dream to get known in the market. Premium web resume has given you this opportunity here we create web identity of candidates, by which candidates become easily searchable for recruiters.

Social Feeds


In black and white resume we don’t have any option to view our social feeds premium web resume has provided us the option of social feeds by which our social network grow.